Kitchens and baths sell a home.  
Why?  Kitchen and baths cost the
most to remodel and make a
statement for you and the house
you call home.  Buyers know that,
owners know that.  That makes
kitchens and baths the largest
investment you can make into your
home.  Get a professional.  Get
quality products.  Get it right the
first time.  Adirondack Customs
offers free initial designs so you
can see in 3D what your new
kitchen or bath can look like.  We
can pair you up with a professional
who is an expert in taking your
ideas and translating them into
reality within a reasonable remodel
budget.  We can show you what
your dreams can look like, price it
out and give you an estimate all
free.  Why not see what your ideas
will look like, what they cost and
what the benefit to your life, and
your home, will be.
Bathrooms can and should
make your life easier.  They can
make your morning enjoyable,
peaceful and serene.  If your
family is expanding, bathrooms
can be added to accommodate
the new arrivals.  Bathroom
design is a blend of form and
function, balancing flow, utility,
style and color/texture to meet
your needs and please the eye.  
With our drawing programs we
can show you in 3D what works
and why.  How it looks and what
changes can really do.  
Outdoor living is huge in the
North Country.  Whether sitting,
eating, playing or working,
having a place to enjoy yourself
is a huge plus to any home.  
Porches provide a great escape
from the weather while being
outside.  Decks are fantastic
family gathering areas.  Both
have attractive price points
when compared with a
traditional addition.  Both can be
constructed to any
specification.  Decking options
include treated wood, cedar,
mahogany, composites, metal
and even porcelain or ceramic
tile.  We have a wide range of
options to offer and can show
you the deck or porch of your
dreams before you sign the
Remodeling and additions are a separate science unto itself.  The procedures, codes, "surprises" and costs involved are different than in new home
construction.  Knowing you are dealing with an experienced remodeler can make your project a lot easier, with clearer time lines, costs, smaller overages
and a better end product.  From full house "flips," multi room remodels, large or small additions or a single room remodel, Adirondack Customs has the
knowledge and experience to do the job right.