Here at Adirondack Customs we are always looking to meet and/or exceed your expectations.  Part of what we do is making sure that our
communication with the customer is as good as the work we do.  All our customers receive regular communication during the job and a
satisfaction survey at the end of every job we do.  This gives every customer the chance to communicate with not only us as a company,
but you the potential future customer.


T. H.
Location: Keeseville NY

Overall rating: 9

Additional Comments: Excellent finished job!

This is a home that was built by one of our leads a few years ago.  The homeowners, still very happy with their home, graciously allowed us to take a walk through as
a way for us to show the quality of work that we do on a regular basis.  
This was taken in 5/2014.

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*some of the work shown was out-sourced to subcontractors